The Modest Clothes Movement

Andrew Melchior

The other day I was sitting with my wife talking about shopping (yeah go figure), we were talking about something that I hate talking about and something I hate spending time dealing with.  Especially when it comes to shopping for clothes.  The discussion we were having revolved around the difficulty that women have, in today’s society, finding clothing that is attractive, yet modest.  She has explained to me on many occasions that she had found something she really liked, but that the one thing wrong with it was that it just showed a little too much skin for her to feel comfy in.  I think this is a reality for many women; at least from what my wife said.  This problem facing many women has brought to light this “modest clothes movement” and I found it interesting.

Well, just so happened that after having that conversation I had a similar one with a friend of mine and he recommended we check out Blend Fashions for modest clothing.  That’s exactly what my wife did and she is now a raving fan!  She told me that Blend has the perfect mix of modest clothing that is also considered modern clothing as well.  Here is a glance at the items they carry:

Undertease Brand: Long Camisole, Modern Apparel

The Mod Bod Brand: Modest Womens Clothing, Modest Cami

Blend Brand: Modest Swimwear, Modest Dresses

Privacy Wear Brand: Jeans, Modern Clothing, Modest Clothing

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  • noVae Clothing Says:

    I think it’s Awesome that you & your wife talk about stuff like “modest clothing” it shows that you care! You care that she is comfortable & confident in modest clothing. Thanks for the post!

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