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Andrew Melchior

This last week I had the chance to finally get away on a little family vacation.  We decided to do the whole Disney Land thing and it was AWESOME!  Along with spending time at Disney Land and also at Salon Auxin, we also visited some family in the L.A. area and also spent some time at the Redondo Beach Pier.  Before heading out on vaca, I was working in Vegas at Pubcon and hadn’t had a chance to get my hair cut in a little while so after grabbing a bite I decided to stop in at a Torrance California Hair Salon called Salon Auxin.  I normally and a quick and cheap hair cut kind of guy, meaning I often frequent places like Fantastic Sam’s, but today I wanted to experience a new kind of thing and it was awesome.  I rarely write about experiences like this on my blog, but this one is worth it.

My hair cut was great and the place was super nice and clean.  Now I’m sure you’re thinking it was super pricey as well, but that wasn’t the case.  I also had my family with me and to my surprise they have an actual dedicated kids play room in the salon so my boy was loving it and didn’t want to leave.  The custom cut was awesome as she didn’t use any clipper guides and the shampoo and head massage left me all tired and ready for a nap.  Larayne cut my hair and she also cleaned up by boys cut that was horrible from the last place we went.  I Yelped about it too.  Mad props for the great Torrance California Hair Salon…Salon Auxin!

Connor Getting Clipped

Connor Getting Clipped

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