Utah ATV Trail Reviews, Found a New Site

Andrew Melchior

If you know me personally, then you know that any chance I get, I’m off in the wilderness of Utah riding my motorcycle.  I rode a 1991 CR 500 for about 10 years before swithing over to my new CRF 450X back in 2006.  I really like my 450, but do miss my 500 when I’m on the sand!

On Golden Spike Trail in Moab

On Golden Spike Trail in Moab

When I was younger I spent a lot of time riding the dunes at Jericho in central Utah, and the many motocross tracks in Utah, but as I’ve aged (both in fearlessness and achyness) I have been looking for a more diverse riding experience.  Because of that, I have been spending a lot of time riding trail systems in Utah including: Knolls, 5 Mile, Piute, Arapeen, etc.  But for the last few years I have really fallen in love with Moab.  Riding a motorcycle on the trails of Moab is amazing.  You can see the sites, enjoy the terrain, and have all kinds of fun with small and large groups.  But, the best part for me is that I can do a trail on my bike in about 1-2 hours, as compared to doing it in a Jeep in 4-6 hours.

To help me find new trails and rides to adventure out on, I spend time searching online and came across this new Utah ATV Trail Reviews website just the other day.  The website offers trail guides, GPS waypoints, videos, and much more to help you on the trail.  It’s always fun finding new atv trails to get out on with the friends and family.  Here is a favorite of mine from Moab Utah: Hell’s Revenge.

Here is what the site looks like…check it out.  I found it helpful.



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  • ATV Trail Reviews Says:


    Thanks for shout out. That’s a great picture of you on Golden Spike in Moab. As you know, Utah is home to some of the greatest ATV, OHV, and motorcyle riding on earth. All around the state you can find incredible ATV trails and places to ride. Our frustration was with so many trails and so little time, where do you pick to go. We hope atvtrailreviews.com will be a great resource to help enthusiasts find their next place to ride and even help other people by posting trail reviews of different areas. We also agree with you on Moab. That city of all the cities in the world was “custom built” for ATV’s, OHV’s and motorcyles. We’re fortunate to have such a great place to ride so close to us (people travel from all over the world to visit Moab). It’s amazing that within just a few mile radius, you have trails like Fins and Things, Hells Revenge, Metal Masher, Moab Rim, Golden Spike, Kane Creek, Poison Spider…the list could go on. Anyway, thanks again for post on our site and we’re looking forward to another great year of ATV riding.

  • Bryan Coats Says:

    As I have looked for Utah ATV trails, I have found bunch of web sites that aim to provide ATV and OHV enthusiasts a source of ATV Trails. The site you found looks like a great site, not only do they have a pretty broad range of ATV Trails in Moab, they have ATV Trails throughout the entire state, and its FREE!

    I like that these guys have a format for users of the website to provide feedback and make comments on the trails. They have great pictures that give perspective to some of the trails. I plan on submitting some reviews of trails on their site. If ATV/OHV (and even guys like Andy that ride motorcycles)will add their two bits to the trails they have, it will become the premier source in the state for ATV Trail information. Great find Andy!

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